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Smart Relay Car Alarm


The Big Truck Cab Alarm

No Installation Required

Just Plug Into Power 12 Volt DC

Arm System, When Someone Enters Your Cab, A Message Will Be Sent To Your Cell Phone And To Your Email.

Arm Disarm Remote

Tri-Tech Motion Detector 40 X 40 Ft. Range

Cost is $275.00 Which Includes

First Year Of Monitoring. Second Year And On $60.00 Per Yr.

Download Free App To Your Smart Phone.

The Smart Relay Car Alarm

You will know when someone is in your car, van, or truck

Detects breaking glass, activates on smash and grab and sends a message directly to your smart phone app.

No installation required - just power up and you are on line.

The Smart Relay Car Alarm is designed to be used with the  factory installed or add-on alarm system.  It hears the sound generated by the activation of the alarm system horn or siren, or the sound of breaking glass, and activates The Smart Relay Car Alarm causing it to send a message to your smart phone app.

Just download the app and plug the device into your 24 hour powered lighter port.  If someone enters your car, you will get a notification on your smart phone app.

Cost is $275 which includes one year of monitoring.  Monitoring is required for this device to work.  After your first year, monitoring for this device is $5.00 per month, or $60.00 per year

The Smart Relay Car Alarm

Remote Control

The Smart Relay Car Alarm Remote Control will work with either the Smart Relay Car Alarm or the Big Truck Cab Alarm.

Press “A” to Arm

Press “B” to Disarm